e-Factor Facilitation

I provide emotional intelligence facilitation services to enhance personal and professional growth through self-awareness and effective communication, including interpreting the results of your e-Factor ability-based emotional intelligence test, and guidance in developing your personal development plan to increase your emotional intelligence.


Self-Paced, Online Emotional Intelligence Courses

I am excited to provide online courses that enhance emotional intelligence, leadership skills, and collaboration with sincerity. These short courses can be used in conjunction with your e-Factor based personal development plan, or on their on, as your desire to improve specific areas of your emotional intelligence. (Coming soon and pricing tbd!)


Emotional Intelligence Executive Coaching

I also offer personalized coaching for personal and professional success, helping individuals develop emotional intelligence, leadership skills, and enhanced collaboration with a personalized development plan in a one-on-one setting. These coaching sessions are normally incorporated into your personal development plan at regular time intervals as your progress toward your goals. my hourly rate for coaching is $150-$250 per hour.

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