I Have a Passion for Ability-Based Emotional Intelligence

As a highly motivated and accomplished professional, I possess a wealth of experience in both corporate and academic settings, with a proven track record of enhancing students’ abilities and personal growth leveraging emotional intelligence skills that can be learned at any age. With excellent communication skills and a talent for working effectively with diverse populations, I have excelled across a range of industries. My ultimate aim is to cultivate emotional intelligence, inspire integrity-driven leadership, and promote genuine collaboration and success in all that I do.

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My services are designed to help individuals enhance their emotional intelligence, improve their communication and decision-making skills, and achieve personal and professional success. I offer emotional intelligence facilitation sessions that enable individuals to understand their emotions and those of others, and manage them effectively. My online courses provide comprehensive training on various topics such as effective communication, conflict resolution, and leadership skills. Additionally, my coaching services offer personalized guidance and support to help individuals overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. 


Cliff Lansley, PhD.

Co-Owner Emotional Intelligence Academy
Body Language Analyst on Faking It: Tears of a Crime, a Warner Brothers Production featured on Discovery+

"We are so fortunate for Dr. Rea Prado to add her passion, knowledge, and expertise into the challenge we have ahead at the Emotional Intelligence Academy to restore faith in emotional intelligence testing from organisations across the globe. She sells and deploys corporate solutions in EI using strategies and gamification to make learning stick for her clients. We hand-picked her for the initial 24 #eFactor ‘A-team’ to complement the huge talent we have managed to attract across the globe to help us."

What My Clients Say

“Dr. Rea Prado is a thoughtful strategist who is highly self-motivated and capable of empowering others to leverage their strengths to achieve their greatest potential. As a leader, she models elements of having a strong work ethic while cultivating a professional community driven by thoughtful efficacy and humanity. She is a valuable resource who is committed to organizational success through her understanding of leveraging the engagement and emotional intelligence of others.”

J. T.

“Dr. Rea Prado was always upbeat and made the sometimes dry course materials fresh and interesting. She had a knack for pacing the lessons just right. Too fast, and the information doesn’t take. Too slow, and things get boring and people stop paying attention. Dr. Rea Prado always knew just what to do in order to make the information stick.”

C. H. 

“Dr. Rea Prado impressed me from the day I met her. She is very thoughtful in her approach to business, and articulate in her presentation of ideas.”

J. M.

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